Sunday, June 28, 2009

Portraits Again


I miss shooting in a square format, so I cropped all of these.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Applied Arts

I will be included in the September publication of the Applied Arts Magazine. I won a contest that I had entered a while ago, and quite honestly forgot about. As well as being published in the magazine I will be included in a group show, along with other winners, in Toronto in November. I encourage you all to find your way up to Toronto and see some great work.

Here is a little information about Applied Arts:

Applied Arts is Canada’s premier magazine of visual communications. For more than 20 years, we have delivered gorgeous imagery, strong opinion, timely information and essential industry insight to our readership of senior creative professionals in graphic design, interactive design, advertising, photography and illustration. Our six yearly issues include two highly prized references—the Photography & Illustration Annual (July) and the Design & Advertising Annual (November). Applied Arts is your window on the very best creative work produced in this country and abroad.


I would really like some feed back on these portraits. I need some criticism, because I don't feel comfortable with shooting people. I need to be shooting people, it's hard battle to start photographing people and getting comfortable with the portrait. So any comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I was lucky enough to get to see how they design, and make the costumes for Carnival here on St. Vincent. The process is thorough and requires a lot of tedious and often time strenuous work. There are twelve "bands" that will compete to see who has developed the best costumes. Each band can have anywhere between 300 and 1,000 people in it. The costumes are each made by hand in a kind of assembly line fashion. Each band has a theme, and the one that I visited had a show time theme. The competition is on Tuesday and will be a great thing to photograph. Here are some images from my visit to the warehouse.

Baptist Church

Last Sunday I went to church. This may seem like a normal occurrence in most people lives, not something that would stand out. This may have been my 9th or 10th time ever going to a service in my life, so for me it was unusual. First I went to a service held at a Roman Catholic church which was a long walk from where I live, but none the less it was exciting. The service seemed typical, and familiar to what I had experienced in the past. After the service was over the priest asked me very kindly to return next Sunday, which I will be doing.

I then proceeded to the next service, which was held in a small dwelling set up in a hill, by four women, whom were the only members to attend that morning. This church was the Baptist church. The building was modest, small and unnoticeable. It did not cary with it all the gold, shrines, and alters, that may be associated with a place of worship. It had a white door made from plywood, secured with a padlock. It had two wings that extended from its sides, each unfinished, but as I was told, they would become the kitchen and dinning room, much like a home. The floor was made form poured cement when dry thin sleeves of linoleum were rolled out over the cement, ants scurried between slits in the plastic tile pattern. There was a bell in the center of the room and some oils, candles seemed to peep out from corners and behind pews. It smelled damp similar to that of a basement. And it was hot and humid, since it had yet to rain that day.

The women who held the service were all middle aged with the exception of one who is in her early 30's. They spoke of ways they had been saved, and how they are so grateful that they have put their faith in a loving God. They sang Psalms from the bible, and rang the bell which gave off a deafening sound. They would often shout Amen! or Yes! Sometimes feeling the need to leap from their seats. It was powerful, moving, and at points frightening. I learned a lot about religion, about bible stories, and why people seem to cling so hard to their religious beliefs.

I used to be frightened by religion, feeling that it holds people back from being in tune with other people around them. After that Sunday I found myself respecting the power of belief. I realized that it helps communities come together on a Sunday morning and share their stories. I realized that religion doesn't have to alienate people from other people and that it an simply unite people.

I concluded my day by watching Bill Maher's documentary Religulous which totally rebukes everything I just said. It was a day full of religion and I managed not to go to Hell.

A View

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Sun Burns Brightly

Here is a small sample of the pictures that I have been taking in the last few weeks. In the past two weeks I have been in four different countries, have met many people, and have taken over 500 photographs. I have graduated from college and abruptly moved to the Caribbean. I Have said good bye to many good friends and my family, and I now sit at night on a veranda over looking the ocean. I'm excited for the weeks/months that lie ahead and I'm intrigued to see how my self assigned project will turn out.

With that said, please keep your eyes out for more images that will slowly filter their way from the Caribbean and onto your computer. I will try to update my blog daily. Ta Ta for now.