Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So I have begun working on my thesis work.  Well I have been working on it for a month now.  My ideas are still rough and I'm sure the semester will lead me in all sorts of directions.  I have been shooting in Sparow's Pt. Maryland.  Sparows Pt. is a very interesting town, it used to be an industrial town, the steel plant there employed around 30,000 people.  Now it only employs 1,ooo people.  So as you can imagine there is a lot of displacement.  My project is a study of the landscape which is so fascinating in this area.  I will be expanding my work to other areas in Baltimore, as the semester continues.  

Here are a few of my first scans they are by no means final and need a lot of work.  I just wanted to get them up.  

Sunday, February 8, 2009


About two weeks ago I started re-reading James Agee's Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.  I had forgotten how incredible Agee's use of our language is.  His words bring what he is describing to life, he has a way of making the reader feel just as important as what they are reading.  Not only is the text from this book incredible, but the images are outstanding as well.  Walker Evans was hired to take photographs of what Agee was writing about.  It is one of the few books where the images and the text do not distract from each other, but instead are crucial to the development of one another.

For those of you whom have never read Let Us Now Praise Famous Men here is a synopses.  It's set in the summer of 1936 in a small town in Alabama.  Agee and Evan's were hired by Fortune magazine to document the life of three sharecropper families.  This was during Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, when our country was facing incredibly hard times, as we are now.  Agee and Evan's did so much more then just document what they saw.  They created a mastered piece of work, a timeless artistic achievement.  They did not exploit and they found a way to achieve every nuance that they saw and felt through there work.  It's truly an amazing book and really worth a read whatever your interests in life may be.  Above are some of Walker Evan's images from the publishing.